Brian in his natural habitat


Brian Gonnella is a conceptual artist & illustrator from Pittsburgh PA. He earned a BA in English writing and film studies at the University of Pittsburgh but has been working professionally as an artist for almost a decade, and has exhibited work nationally at gallery and museum level.

Inspired by cartoons, punk and graffiti, he has developed an animation/painting technique using spray paint and acrylic paint pens as a primary medium, coupled with a tedious stenciling & layering process that could be described technically as something between stencil graffiti, comic illustration and Japanese ukiyo-e paintings. The result is a body of work of superflat sci-fi “floating world” style landscapes; set within a self-contained, linearly-progressing fictional future-world inspired by his own personal views on politics, culture, sociology, mythology and various futurist theories regarding the direction of human society.

or “a utopic vision of humanity’s possible future, while keeping in mind that we have already destroyed the planet.”


for commission/inquiry